Present president of JTAMS is KATAI, Shuichi, Ph.D and the previous presidents as follows:

The first (1973 to 1984) : Dr. OKABE, Sodo (Born in 1907 and died in 1984),
The second (1986 to 1995) : Dr. OKADA, Akihiro (Born in 1917 and died in 2001),
The third(1996 to 2000) : Dr. SHIMADA, Ryuji (Born in 1932 and died in 2000),
The forth (2001 to 2009) : Dr. SHUDO, Denmei and
The fifth (2009 to present) : Dr. KATAI, Shuichi
JTAMS has 495 members (including 4 student members), including such as highly-esteemed members as follows:
– Shoji KOBAYASHI, L Ac. (Former Vice President),

-Koya MIYAMAWA, L Ac. (Former Vice President),

– Dr. Shoji SHINOHARA, Ph.D (Vice President), and

– Masao TOGASAKI, L Ac.(Vice President) .
Biography of Shoji KOBAYASHI, LAc:

Shoji Kobayashi, L.Ac. is president of Shakuju Association and a general manager of Shakuju Association in North America at present.  He started to teach practicing of acupuncture and moxibustion at Kanto Acupuncture College in 1976 and found a new acupuncture system named Shakuju Therapy at the college based on the thought of ‘I Ching’.  And founded Shakuju Association in 1980 to make the therapy populer in Japan and other worlds.  He is also appointed a lecture of honor at Kanto Acupuncture College.  He has practiced at Taishido Acupuncture Clinic in Tokyo for 40 years until this day.